Principals and Associates

Robert Nelson
Principal, President and CEO of Page 5, Inc.

Robert Nelson, a degreed mechanical engineer, is an expert in the highly automated processes and equipment used to manufacture injectable drugs. During 10 years at Bayer and Pfizer, Mr. Nelson managed projects ranging from the installation of high-speed automated packaging lines to in-house development of equipment designed to operate in sterile environments.

Mr. Nelson conceived of the CEDRIC system to enhance the sterility assurance of conventional clean room operations and for use in medical facilities. While initially aimed at reducing health care costs both on the drug manufacturing side as well as in caregiver applications, the emergent product’s cost was lower than expected. After several rounds of rapid improvement to the product by various user groups over the next few years, Mr. Nelson now envisions Cedric being used in a host of everyday applications by 2012.

Mr. Nelson has extensive hands-on experience in the demolition and remodeling of both commercial and residential spaces and has also worked in machine and metal fabricating shops. This diverse background has proven extremely useful in the conceptual and preliminary design phases of TRACS (telerobotic architectural systems). Walls that are not perfectly straight, uneven floors and haphazardly installed utilities are issues Mr. Nelson has dealt with directly. Armed with this knowledge, Mr. Nelson still sees nothing that will preclude the effective implementation of telerobotics to not only serve society, but to help build, rebuild and maintain the very infrastructure itself.

Georgina Srinivas Rao, MD
Principal and Vice President of Page 5, Inc.

Specializing in geriatric psychiatry Dr. Rao sees and feels the growing disparity in elder care needs and available labor resources. An advocate of telerounding (mobile telerobots), telediagnostics and teleconsulting, Dr. Rao’s research agenda ranges from resolving medical facility operational costs into tasks that may be automated and/or teleoperated to exploring user interface issues facing patients who are not computer-literate.

Additional research goals are to:

  1. Evaluate ROI (return-on-investment) in retirement centers, assisted living and skilled nursing settings attributable to automating and/or teleoperating a diverse range of menial tasks.
  2. Investigate medico-legal opportunities and issues associated with privacy, liability and verification of the quality of services rendered at institutional and home healthcare environments.
  3. Explore new revenue streams; CEDRIC as an entertainment interface, as a televisitation portal and for facilitating competition in telediagnostic services through removal of geographical constraints.

James Kulasik
Principal and President of Kulasik Associates, Inc.

James Kulasik provides value-added equipment procurement services to the bio-pharmaceutical, food and beverage, confectionary and cosmetics industries. Over the past 20 years Mr. Kulasik has refined a number of network-based strategies to find significant opportunities hidden within the interdependencies of his client's schedule and scope, availability of resources and quality requirements.

Since 1995, Mr. Kulasik and Mr. Nelson have collaborated on dozens of projects, many of which focused on reducing costs in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Project timelines and budgets on a number of occasions were preserved through "reverse engineering" of parts that were difficult or costly to replace and by expediting delivery of machine subassemblies and parts meeting highly specific FDA and OSHA requirements.

Example cost and time-saving business strategies frequently leveraged by Kulasik Associates include:

  • Reducing cost and lead time for machine parts and assemblies by competitive bidding within a highly effective network of suppliers retained under contract.
  • Streamlining parts procurement cycles by instituting physical quality benchmarks for 100% checks at the supplier and for statistical audit by the end user.
  • Routinely beating OEM pricing and delivery of parts through improved vendor machining and fabricating technology.

Mr. Kulasik offers consulting services to Page 5, Inc. in the areas of parts manufacturability and sourcing and provides supplemental manufacturing capacity when needed.