As a generalized cost-effective all-electric musculo-skeletal hand/arm system there are essentially infinite possible uses for Cedric. Realizing the potential for most practical applications, however, requires outfitting Cedric with skin, 3-D machine vision and/or 3-D video telecommunications, mobility, touch and force sensing and feedback. Early adopters of Cedric technology will have ample opportunity to share or commercialize their innovations and improvements. This will in turn make it easier for others to adapt Cedric to take on new, more demanding jobs as summarized in the table below.

Application Timeline for Cedric and Similar Machines
(Starting date for timeline is June 10, 2009)
Cedric "Out-of-the-Box" Theatrical animatronics, showbots, dexterous manipulation R&D and robotics/telerobotics for hobby and education.
18 Months to Three Years Dexterous handling of explosives or other hazardous materials, telemedicine, clean room applications, teletourism and televisitation. Limited autonomous functionality in some highly structured applications (such as cleaning/sanitizing walls in clean rooms) may occur within this timeframe. Emergence of fine manipulation capability through addition of force and tactile feedback devices.
Three to Five Years General cohabitation of spaces by telerobots and humans. At first 'bots will simply share our space, performing go-fer work or being used for videoconferencing or entertainment purposes. Limited physical interaction between man and machine and extended autonomous functionality will likely emerge within this time frame.
Five Years and Beyond Mobile telerobots functionally and/or physically integrated with self-reconfigurable, repurposeable and exponentially-scalable structural and manufacturing systems.