Behind the Name

We are frequently asked how we came up with the name Page 5. Following are the two interpretations of how the name fits the business and our aspirations.

Cedric, by virtue of being a telerobot, loosely fits Merriam Webster's online dictionary definition of a "page" or one employed to deliver messages, assist patrons, serve as a guide, or attend to similar duties. The number five in Page 5 speaks to the eventual goal of Cedric or its ancestor providing users with a telepresence experience encompassing all five human senses.

The second interpretation of the company name involves the word page being used as a contraction of "personal agency". From Merriam Webster, we find one definition of "agency" as a person or thing through which power is exerted or an end is achieved. In this context, personal agency is about cost-effective tools, like CAD/CAM systems, that individuals can leverage today to accomplish work that would have required multiple people in times past.

As a testament to the proposition that we have entered the era of personal agency is the fact that one person singlehandedly created all that is Page 5, Inc. in about 5200 hours (two and a half years of 40-hour work weeks). This includes the ground-up creation of Cedric, the underlying design/manufacturing technology, the business strategy and even the content of this web site.