Purchase Cedric

Critical Note on Liabilities

The CED (cost-effective dexterity) manipulator arm is currently being marketed as an early-adopter open development platform. As such, it is imperative that the following non-negotiable condition be fully understood by potential customers:

At all times, the buyer is completely and solely responsible for maintaining, repairing and safely operating all equipment purchased from Page 5, Inc.

CED is intended for advanced hobbyists and students, entrepreneurs and businesses capable of making modifications to suit application-specific requirements. By and large, our customers are expected to be comfortable with a soldering iron, milling machine and metal lathe.

Materials and workmanship of structural parts produced by Page 5 are covered for one year from the product ship date while component parts and subassemblies (such as servos) carry only the warranties of their respective manufacturers. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain satisfaction from component manufacturers in the event of defective parts or subassemblies.

Page 5, Inc. will assemble, fine-tune and supply video documentation of the testing of each customer's CED unit. The testing will run each joint through its full-range of motion and will also demonstrate pick-and-place operations of several objects weighing up to 2.5 Kg (5.51 lbs.).

The specific "DNA" (comprising CAD/CAM files) for each Cedric unit sold will be recorded and maintained in two separate secure locations by Page 5, Inc. to ensure that service and support will be prompt and perpetual.

An Evolutionary Product

The CED manipulator is a development platform and, as such, Page 5, Inc. does not warrant the design(s) against sustaining broken structural parts or from displaying a loss in performance over time.

In the event that part redesign may be warranted, Page 5 will accept customer returns of broken parts accompanied by a detailed explanation of how the damage occurred. If Page 5, Inc., in its sole discretion, decides to redesign the parts we will provide replacement parts and installation instructions free of charge, including shipping, to the customer that broke it. Responsibility for installing replacement parts (whether redesigned or not) and fine-tuning the operation of the modified or repaired equipment will, at all times, remain with the customer.

Page 5, Inc. reserves the right to post to this website or any other media outlet a description of any and all incidents and corrective actions (accessed through the Evolution option under the Cedric navigation button) so that all customers may consider purchasing and installing upgraded parts. By default all postings will make no mention of customer name or contact information. Customers may, through written communication, choose to have their name and/or contact information posted.

Community Support

Page 5's products are manufactured using production technology ideally suited to continuous product improvement. As an open development platform, customers are encouraged to design and implement modifications to the CED manipulator and to share their innovations with others in the telerobotics and robotics communities. Page 5, Inc. will support customer innovations by offering economical machining of parts that have been designed in conformance with our methods of production (refer to Submit Parts under the Technology navigation button for more details).

Innovations related directly to the CED product will be documented on an evolutionary timeline (see Evolution under Cedric navigation button). Innovators may remain anonymous or accept credit on the timeline. CED innovations submitted to Page 5, Inc. will automatically become part of the public domain in keeping with the open development platform policy.

Availability and Cost

The CED manipulator will be available for purchase in June 2009. Due to initial manufacturing capacity being limited and first-year sales projection of 100+ units, we are accepting advance orders with a 20% down payment. As the CED product launch date nears, customers will be informed of the projected delivery date for their order. Customers will then have 10 business days to finalize their order, at which time the down payment becomes non-refundable.

If a purchase decision is not made within the 10-day period, the customer may lose their place in the production schedule; Page 5 will then provide a new projected delivery date. Orders may be canceled at any time before finalization which will result in a prompt refund of the down payment.

The balance of payment for all customer orders will be due upon receipt by the customer of the documented testing of their completed CED unit and prior to shipping of the product by Page 5, Inc.

CED Pricing
Current as of 8.25.08
Item No. Description Price (USD) Comments
TBAS Torso, stand and body/arm shells $5,000 Body and arm shells provide structural rigidity to musculoskeletal system and are recommended for optimal performance of manipulations.
ARM - R Right arm $14,500 Dimensional information will be provided to facilitate mounting of CED shoulder actuator to customer's torso or base unit.
ARM - L Left arm $14,500
TSA2 Torso, stand, body/arm shells and 2 arms $32,000 Save $2,000 with this option.
RIC - R Right-handed remote intuitive controller TBD Planned August 2009 introduction.
RIC - L Left-handed remote intuitive controller TBD
PTRC Pan, tilt and rotate camera platform TBD Planned September 2009 introduction.
  1. Power supplies, batteries, computer interfaces, controlling software and video communication equipment are not currently available through Page 5, Inc. Please refer to Links for sources of available products.
  2. Page 5 products are advertised through on-line channels, however, they are sold through contractual arrangement. Applicable sales taxes will therefore be added to the ship-to address.
  3. One set of snap-on finger shells is included with each arm purchased.
  4. Down-payment checks should be made payable to Page 5, Inc., located at 902 S. Randall Rd., Suite C, #289, St. Charles, IL 60174

Expediting Option

At times that Page 5, Inc. is running at full manufacturing capacity customers with a critical need for improved delivery of CED manipulators may elect to pay an expediting charge of $15,000. The funds will be used to add manufacturing capacity and personnel in a manner that will not impact the current production schedule. The expediting charge applies only to a single order unless an ongoing production arrangement is negotiated. After the expedited order is filled the additional manufacturing capacity will be added to Page 5's existing production work cells.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. Production will only begin after clearance of the check covering full payment of each order including applicable sales tax, made payable to Page 5, Inc., located at 902 S. Randall Rd., Suite C, #289, St. Charles, IL 60174
  2. Products are made to order and may not be returned for any reason.