Cedric was designed and built in a 10 square meter (108 square feet) workspace using just $5,800 in machine tools and software. The production methods, tested and proven during Cedric's development, form the foundation of a self-configuring system that is under development by Page 5, Inc. When the system is used to manufacture a diverse range of products, including copies of itself, there is no waste generated and only minor streams of recyclable materials are produced.

The primary motives driving the Cedric initiative are to:

  1. Create a cost-effective dexterous telerobotic manipulator and remote control system that allows Page 5 and others on a budget to explore the pros and cons of machines with hands and arms operating in human occupied spaces.
  2. Investigate how exponentially-scalable, self-configuring infrastructure is likely to impact society and to explore its relevance to global issues such as climate change and labor shortages in developed nations.