Critical Definitions

CEDRIC = Cost Effective Dexterity + Remote Intuitive Controller

The term dexterity means different things to different people. An in-depth discussion of what comprises dexterity and the oft-associated word anthropomorphism (i.e. appearing humanlike) can be found in How Far is the Human Hand? A Review on Anthropomorphic Robotic End Effectors by L. Biagotti et al.

For the purposes of marketing Cedric, Page 5, Inc. defines dexterity as a machine architecture capable of a human range of motion. We further define "dexterous manipulation" as the ability for a manipulator arm to attain a hand orientation and motion trajectory suitable for:

  • Acquiring and moving objects between locations.
  • Operating doorknobs, levers, latches, switches and other devices found in human occupied spaces.
  • Performing structured tasks such as cleaning walls or toilets, painting interior spaces and stocking shelves.

Finally, we define "fine manipulation" as the ability to hold an object and turn or reposition it within the hand using the fingers, thumb and/or palm.