CEDRIC = Cost Effective Dexterity + Remote Intuitive Controller

CED (cost effective dexterity) is attained through a human-scale servo-controlled hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder comprising a total of 24 individually controlled joints. RIC (remote intuitive controller) is a wearable device that tracks an operator's hand and arm motions to guide the manipulator.

The manipulator can be used for animatronics and other entertainment-related applications as well as for research in robotics, prosthetics and telemanipulation. In addition to telemanipulation and telepresence, the controller may be used to train robotic arm motions and as a virtual/augmented reality input device.

Unequaled in performance at its $14,500 price point, CED enables small firms, universities and entrepreneurs to begin exploring dexterous robotic object handling. RIC, the value-engineered remote controller is scheduled for August 2009 introduction; its debut will make dexterous telemanipulation affordable to a wide audience.

Cedric, it should be noted, comprises a skeletal system with motorized joints and a wearable radio control (R/C) joint tracking exoskeletal master controller. As such, it is not a turn-key solution. Most practical applications will require one or more of the following technologies:

  • Skin
  • Touch and force feedback sensors & displays
  • Stereoscopic (3-D) video telecommunication
  • Wheeled, tracked, legged or rail-based mobility unit
  • Host computer, motion software and wireless modem

Coupling this equipment with Cedric creates wide-ranging entrepreneurial opportunities (see Links for sources of commercially available products).